Blue Skies & Signs of Spring

I spent the greater part of this evening outside! I'm pretty sure it got to at least 80 degrees today! 
Absolutely flip flop and shorts weather! Finally!!!! Who cares if there's snow in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow.

Wait... what?

We'll do our best to make the most of it, I'm sure. :)


Reverse Lens Macro

Today was the first time I have ever tried the reverse lens method for macro photography. 
I've seen people blog about it, but I was always too scared I would mess up my camera. I'm clumsy at times (probably more often than that) and I could just imagine dropping my lens or having some foreign object (or dust) fall into my camera thus ruining it forever! It could happen! 

Today though, I squashed those fears and went for it. Here's what I got. 

I'm pretty pleased with the results. I'm excited to get some more practice with it and I'll certainly be ordering a reverse ring camera mount so I can do this outside with insects (and whatever else catches my eye) when it warms up! I really don't think I could handle the stress of free lensing outdoors!

Also, I may not give up on Project Black and White after all! Kelly has inspired me to combine it with another project happening at Live Snap Love. The prompt this week is to photograph your child with his or her favorite treat. Whatever they like to eat or drink more than anything else. It should be fun!

Project Black and White | Weeks 8 & 9

I have to admit, after only 9 weeks of Project Black and White, I've become bored with it. 
Projects like this should be inspiring, not boring. It shouldn't be forced. So... I'm quitting!! 
It's no big deal. I'll still post an occasional black and white photo. I just won't have the weekly chore of it. I already feel good about it. :)

My friend Kelly has started doing another project titled: Macro Monday. You can see her blog HERE.
I might occasionally join in with her on this project... or maybe I won't! We'll see!! Or we won't! :D
All I know is that this blog needs more color again!


Project Black & White | Week 7


Don't forget to hop over to Kelly's Blog to see her Project Black & White photos!!

Here's a diptych (still get confused on how to pronounce that word!) of this precious little one that belongs to some good friends of ours. 
She had a lot of fun in our little 5 minute shoot. :) Love her to pieces!